About Us

Our Mission

Colinas Foods is a distribution company targeting restaurants in the greater Austin area. We sell different types of protein including beef, poultry, and seafood and offer a numerous amount of grocery items at discount prices.

Our Vision

Eduardo Weigend and Emilio Salazar met while living in the same neighborhood 20 years ago in Monterrey, Mexico. They both met their wives there and have held a close friendship throughout the years. Weigend has lived in Denver and Jacksonville and he and Emilio both met up in Austin in 2011. They launched Colinas Products in November of 2015 after realizing that distribution companies at the national level were selling products at a much higher price than reasonable standards.

Our Values

Colinas Foods is dedicated to ensuring that the Hispanic community of the greater Austin area has accessibility to quality products needed to have a successful business. Colinas Foods understands the difference that high-quality products can have in a competitive market and wants to create a fair and equal environment by giving entrepreneurs the resources needed to grow. Colinas Foods aims to give businesses freedom and independence by offering a transparent, easy to use, and reliable platform that is customer-focused to create a higher level of satisfaction among all consumers.

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